Looking for the best Cranberry Orange Bread recipe ever? This yogurt bread is packed with cranberry and orange flavor and it is perfect for the holidays. Use as a special breakfast or lunch, this bread makes a great addition to any meal.

Why We Love Cranberry Orange Bread

Delicious For Breakfast Or Dessert– I could honestly enjoy a slice of this bread for breakfast or dessert, and sometimes mid-afternoon for a snack!

Perfect For The Holiday Season – This delicious sweet bread is a delicious combination of sweet oranges and slightly tart cranberries, and is one of my favorite recipes to make when cranberries are in season. This treat is always welcome on a holiday table, and is a great recipe when you are making treats for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Use Those Seasonal Cranberries– Cranberries are only in stores for a short amount of time! You can freeze extras while they are fresh and in season to make this delicious bread all year long.

Sweet Glaze Makes This More Of A Treat– The sweet glaze is packed full of orange flavor and truly makes this loaf feel extra special.


For the Loaf:

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