It doesn’t even occur to me to drink from a dirty oven anymore: I have something great that my neighbor told me about – if you haven’t tried it, you won’t believe it!


In our kitchen cleaning routine, we regularly take care to maintain order: cleaning the countertops, disinfecting the stove, taking care of the sink and faucets. However, we often forget about the oven, which can accumulate dirt that is difficult to remove.

But rest assured, you won’t have to desperately scrub your oven anymore thanks to a sensational tip shared by my neighbor, which I use regularly: clean the oven effortlessly.

There is indeed a simple method to clean the oven without much effort. All you need to do is use a regular dishwasher tablet.

How do you clean the oven with a dishwasher tablet?

It’s very simple. Place the tablet in a baking dish, pour boiling water over it, and place it in the oven set at about 100 degrees Celsius. The tablet will begin to dissolve under the effect of boiling water, and the steam released will settle on the walls of the oven, softening even the most stubborn grease and driest dirt.

After two hours, remove the dish and drain the water. Then, simply clean the inside of the oven with a damp cloth to remove impurities, then dry with a paper towel.

So, without much effort, you will get a clean oven, without any dirt or unpleasant odors. The effect will be really impressive. If you use your oven often, it is advisable to clean this at least once a month.

My tried-and-true method that has never disappointed me:

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