Made this for the playoffs and the pot was scraped clean! Need to double the batch next time!

Every recipe weaves a narrative, echoing memories of shared meals and the anticipation of future feasts. The Creamy Parmesan Italian Sausage Soup, brimming with tender ditalini pasta, is a testament to such stories. It evokes scenes of familial warmth, laughter echoing around a kitchen table, and the comforting aroma of herbs and cheese drawing people together. This dish is a nod to the Italian influences that have seamlessly blended into Midwestern culinary traditions, offering a comforting embrace in every spoonful. It’s a dish designed for those chilly evenings or whenever you’re in need of a taste of home.

To complement this rich soup, consider pairing it with a crisp green salad dressed in vinaigrette or slices of crusty bread perfect for dipping. During harvest season, freshly baked cornbread serves as an excellent accompaniment.

Creamy Parmesan Italian Sausage Soup

Servings: 6-8

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