Lemon Meringue Bites

Pie Crust: Either homemade all-butter pie crust or two pre-made ready-to-roll pie crusts.
Egg Yolks: Four egg yolks for the filling plus one additional egg for egg wash.
Cornstarch: One-third cup serving as a thickening agent for the filling.
Water: One and a half cups used in the lemon filling.
Sugar: One and one-third cups for the filling and three-quarters cup for the meringue.
Salt: A quarter teaspoon for the filling and a pinch for the meringue.
Lemon Juice: Half a cup freshly squeezed for optimal flavor.
Lemon Zest: One tablespoon finely grated.
Butter: Three tablespoons to be incorporated into the filling.
Cream of Tartar: Half a teaspoon used in the meringue.
Egg Whites: Four at room temperature, for the meringue.

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